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14 de Outubro de 2010

A harrowing classic, Billie Holiday's personal favorite among her '50s albums captures the singer 17 months before her death, her once honeyed voice, scarred and weakened from punishing life, its ravages highlighted by the 1958 session's crisp sonics and the contrasting "satin" of Ray Ellis' sleek string arrangements.

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13 de Outubro de 2010

The legendary Ol' Blue Eyes sings the Bossa Nova icon's compositions and does more than justice to his songs. His interpretations are awesomely beautiful and incredibly enchanting. He covers these songs with utmost confidence considering that these songs are not his normal repertoire. In my opinion, this is one of Sinatra's finest albums ever recorded. With A.C. Jobim and one of my favorite conductors/arrangers, Claus Ogerman in the picture, what more can you ask for? 
phoco musical

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12 de Outubro de 2010

This disc is an example. It has Brazil inside and was recorded by one of the best singers ever known. Definitely, it could not be out of our collection. It has only Brazilian musicians, including a special participation of Maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim. Let's see.

pintando música

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11 de Outubro de 2010

Granted, Ella's voice was a mere shadow of her glory years, but her control of her lower register was impeccable. Of course, her scatting, especially on "The Boy from Impanema," was hard hitting.

mateo's world music 

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10 de Outubro de 2010

johnny hartman sings for a room lit only by a few candles. his baritone hovers over the air, draping all in a warm blanket. his choice of songs convey the feelings and the thoughts that complete the scene. hank jones adds just a sparkle, brother elvin keeps the time relaxed. mr. hartman is subtly echoed by jim hall and kenny burrell gracefully playing their guitars. by the time's its all over, there are only eyes for one another. if that sounds like the evening you need, this is the place to set the mood. it's not noted in the insipid liner notes, but this album certainly complements hartman's other '63 release on impulse-- johnny hartman and john coltrane; for romanticism and balladry. a very fine album. 

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21 de Julho de 2010

The Corner House-Band, Cornerhouse Jazz Season
25 July 2009: Chris Payne, Otto Smart, Roger Quigley, Jamie Finlay. From facebook a jazz session with Roger Quigley (At Swim Two Birds, The Montgolfier Brothers) and Otto Smart (The Otto Show, The Montgolfier Brothers

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04 de Julho de 2010

I don't think Chet Baker would be rated by most casual jazz fans as the best male vocalist of his era...probably, he wouldn't be number one even for the trumpet on most lists. 

Som do roque

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09 de Fevereiro de 2010

Shepp, who is also a playwright, brings an immense sense of dramatic gesture to jazz. There is no finer statement of the blues rhetoric than "Backwater Blues" on this CD, and no saxophone notes were ever more dignified, carved out of rock than those on 'St James Infirmary.' The soprano playing (more or less every other track) is also powerful and individual. Horace Parlan (piano) is a marvel of elegant, dignified rhythmic balance, on this as on "Goin' Home," making these two wonderful additions to the jazz duet library. It is great to see these titles on, where their absence for several years really made one wonder. Download.
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18 de Janeiro de 2010

“You Must Believe in Spring” is an indispensable part of the huge recorded output of Bill Evans, for musical reasons, but its significance is otherwise noteworthy as well. It was his first date for Warner Brothers, after a long and fruitful association with Fantasy Records. Recorded in August 1977 at Capitol studios in Los Angeles, but not released until early 1981 -- it was also the first album released by any company after the pianist’s death in September 1980, thus adding to the bittersweet experience of listening to its beauty, for those of us who first picked it up on vinyl back then. It still holds up as one of the most "billevans-ish" albums there are, to coin a phrase: so many of the unique qualities ascribed to his playing over the years can be found right here in this recording.

Oufar Khan
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09 de Dezembro de 2009

Though Coltrane and Hartman had known each other since their days playing with Dizzy Gillespie's band in the late 1940s (Hartman had been with the band on an on and off basis, and Coltrane played (third) alto with the band in 1949), Hartman is the only vocalist with whom the great saxophonist would record as a leader. Initially when producer Bob Thiele approached Hartman with Coltrane's request that the two record together Hartman was hesitant as he did not consider himself a jazz singer and did not think he and Coltrane would compliment one another musically. Download.
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