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30 de Setembro de 2012

'some great reward' pointed DM in a new direction they would later build on with 'black celebration,' 'music for the masses,' and culminate with 'violator.' in this regard it serves as an important stepping stone in the band's evolution--it was a precursor to the defining DM sound


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30 de Setembro de 2012

Mark Tranmer * How Scarlet The Leaves * VF007SE * Special edition.

VF007SE comprises four things:

1. A 12" clear vinyl record of "How Scarlet The Leaves" in a spined sleeve.

2. A professionally manufactured CD of "How Scarlet The Leaves" with complementary artwork in a clear plastic wallet

3. An extra album VF007X - 8 tracks: 6 rare/unreleased Mark Tranmer/GNAC songs/versions + two remastered album tracks from "Scoop of Ice...-Cream Moon".

4. A signed postcard of somewhere in the Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, UK, or somewhere I have recently visited. 

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29 de Setembro de 2012

Tokyo’s Elen Never Sleeps specializes in palatable and clever pop, delivered straight from his bedroom to yours. “Spinning Wheel” begins simply enough, with a straightforward drum machine beating out over breathlessly plaintive back to back verses, before launching into a refrain that’s as uber catchy as you could hope for.

Free download at bandcamp.

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28 de Setembro de 2012

One of the best albums I've heard in a long while. Sounds like a blend of Morrisey, New Order, Depeche Mode, and Sonic Youth. That's some good company.

eye gin

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27 de Setembro de 2012

This is Townes Van Zandt's masterpiece and one of the finest collections of music ever released. There is not a trace of filler, and many of the songs are classics. "Tecumseh Valley" and "St. John the Gambler" have to be two of the most masterful story-songs out there.


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26 de Setembro de 2012

This nearly perfect debut album showcases both the extraordinary songs of Ohio-born singer Chrissie Hynde and the rhythmically complex performances of her U.K.-bred band, Pretenders.


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25 de Setembro de 2012

Turn of the Cards was the third Renaissance album I ever purchased, A Song For All Seasons and Ashes Are Burning being the first two. This album takes a significant turn from the airy, dreamlike tracks featured on the earlier Ashes and the later Seasons LPs.


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24 de Setembro de 2012

The Merseybeats were one of the better quartets to come out of the British Invasion without ever making a dent on the charts in the United States -- along with the Roulettes, the Chants, and the Undertakers, they represent an undeservedly lost chapter in early-'60s British rock & roll. Although they enjoyed a little less than a year of serious chart success, The Merseybeats were unable to pull together the various facets of their sound into a cohesive, coherent whole in the manner of the Beatles or the Hollies, and into something lasting, in part because of a lack of original songwriting ability in their ranks.

smalltown pleasures

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23 de Setembro de 2012

Carlos Santana was originally in his own wing of the Latin Rock Hall of Fame, neither playing Afro-Cuban with rock guitar, as did Malo, nor flavoring mainstream rock with percussion, as did Chicago. His first record, as with the best fusion, created something a little different than just a mixture -- a new style that, surprisingly, remains all his own. Granted that Latin music has seeped into the mainstream since, but why aren't Van Halen and Metallica listening to this? Where they simmer, Santana boils over.


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22 de Setembro de 2012

Limited-edition clear vinyl pressing containing two covers of songs by Neil Halstead - one from his last solo album, and one Slowdive classic. A. Gravenhurst 'Paint A Face' AA. Beach Fossils 'Alison' ***Released on September 25 to coincide with Neil's gig at Bush Hall. Pre-order your copy now here.

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Setembro 2012
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