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25 de Março de 2012

Yo! Bum Rush the show is one of the very best rap CDs that I have purchased during my lifetime. This album would easily rank within the 10 or 15 best rap albums ever made. I am a big fan of Public Enemy, and I think that the lyrics on this CD are brilliant and thought provoking. On Yo! Bum Rush the Show, the best song is clearly Public Enemy No. 1, but all of the other songs are almost as good. The sound of this album is very similar to that on Nation of Millions, and , thus, if you liked that CD, you will probably like this one too.


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25 de Março de 2012

A timeless classic from Roy Davis Jr and Peven Everett.


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25 de Março de 2012

Release Country: UK
Release Date: 1999

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24 de Março de 2012

I used to smash this out at my Ministry Of Sound residency in the main bar. It always had people with their arms in the air, and the biggest smiles on their faces, pulling shapes along a packed bar. Outrageous crowd, outrageous days. Brilliant, without doubt the most uplifting period of music in the history of House.

State Of Mind - Take Control (M&S Epic Klub Mix).mp3 -

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24 de Março de 2012

Smooth gained international acclaim with the release of his late 1980s tracks "Promised Land" (featuring Anthony Thomas), "They Want To Be Free" and "I Try". He is best known for "Promised Land", which spoke of how humans as brothers and sisters will all make it to the "Promised Land". It peaked at #56 in the UK Singles Chart in February 1989.[1] An album became available in 1988, and a music video was produced for the single. A follow up album, Rejoice, was released in 1990, and contained the hit single "They Want To Be Free."


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23 de Março de 2012

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23 de Março de 2012

When Kraftwerk's "Electric Cafe" was first released in late 1986, I immediately picked it up on cassette. Back in 1986, I considered it a disappointment compared to their earlier work. It wasn't until 1999, when I picked up the CD to replace my old cassette that I rediscovered "Electric Cafe" in a completely different way. "Electric Cafe" isn't Kraftwerk's best album but it certainly is a crowning achievement.


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22 de Março de 2012

From the ashes of the left-wing punk band Crisis came the right-wing Joy Division tribute band Death In June. After working hard to establish an independent sound, Death In June released "The World That Summer." As another reviewer mentioned, this is definitely a transitional album in the sense that it bridges the gap between Death In June's post-punk, electronic genesis and their subsequent neofolk stylings on albums like "But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?" Like another "transitional" album I love -- Bathory's "Blood Fire Death" -- this represents the band's best and most interesting work to date.

among the ruins

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22 de Março de 2012

A Certain Ratio's Force, even though it was released some years after their previous full-length, I'd Like to See You Again, was still something of a transitional effort, being simultaneously the studio debut of sax player Tony Quigley and the curtain call of keyboardist Andy Connell, the latter having started to gain mainstream success via Swing Out Sister.

beats and bits

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21 de Março de 2012


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Março 2012
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