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31 de Março de 2012

1966 was an amazing year for music, and not least because of Bob Lind’s first two official releases, “Don’t Be Concerned” and “Photographs of Feeling.” He’s remembered today for “Elusive Butterfly” — a song that still holds up as a perfect slice of mid-’60s yearning and passion — but his songwriting went much deeper than one song.

Bob Lind - Elusive Butterfly.mp3 - 

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31 de Março de 2012

Out of Los Angeles and issued in May of 1965, this release is the last of eight singles on the Dot Records short lived subsidiary, Planetary Records. David Gates was the executive vice-president of the label which had it's own budget supplied by Dot. All of the eight releases are David Gates productions with him singing as Del Ashley on Planetary 103 and on this one as David Gates. The other discs include two highly collectible singles by Margaret Mandolph, two sought after discs by Dorothy Berry and two by Grady & Brady. 'Let You Go' was recorded at Hollywood's Gold Star Studio with a sparse arrangement played beautifully by L.A.'s 'Wrecking Crew'.

David Gates - LET YOU GO (1965).mp3 -

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30 de Março de 2012

Out of Los Angeles, this 1964 release is really quite a marvelous example of the early 60's L.A. teen/pop sound. Twenty-eight year old Michael Landon, who at that time starred as 'Little Joe' on T.V.'s BONANZA stretches his vocal cords on this wonderful double-sider. 'Without You' was written and arranged by David Gates and features a wonderful backing track showcasing L.A's 'Wrecking Crew' and backgound vocals by The Blossoms. The tune's arrangement is also very much similar in style to the 1963, Nino Tempo produced Vee Jay release by Noreen Corcoran entitled, 'Love Kitten'.
With Michael Landon being such a hearthrob at that time it's a wonder why neither side of this disc wasn't a hit since it certainly isn't lacking in quality.

Michael Landon - Without You WOW!.mp3 -

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30 de Março de 2012

Dot Dash new vídeo for the song "Learn How To Fly". You can download it here.

The song in the video comes from the spark>flame>ember>ash album, released by Canadian indie The Beautiful Music and available on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and Spotify.

Upcoming Dot Dash shows:

Fri. April 6 -- Arlington, Va. -- Artisphere -- CHICKFACTOR SHOW: w/Stevie Jackson (Belle & Sebastian), Frankie Rose (Slumberland), Honeybunch (ex-Velvet Crush) and us.

Saturday, April 21 -- D.C. -- The Black Cat: w/THE DRUMS

Sunday, May 20 -- Brooklyn, NY - Littlefield: NYC POP FEST w/Allo Darlin', Ladybug Transistor, The Wave Pictures, White Town
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29 de Março de 2012

This really is an amazingly good album, filled with depth and passion and shaped by one of music's most distinct, compelling voices (Natalie Merchant).

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29 de Março de 2012

Depois de um ep e de um vídeo tão interessante como a canção que suportava, os brasileiros The Sorry Shop regressam com um longa duração de fazer as delícias dos seguidores de Rain Parade, Joy Division, The Jesus & Mary Chain ou Dinosaur Jr. Com 15 canções disponíveis para dowload gratuito a banda assume dessa forma que mais do que vender discos o importante é chegar aos ouvidos dos internautas e, posteriormente, obter os importantes convites para os espectáculos ao vivo. Fico com a certeza que um show com The Sorry Shop será para lembrar por muitos anos. Nota 10 para "Bloody, Fuzzy, Cosy", com voz de Mônica Reguffe, a fazer lembrar os melhores momentos de Mazzy Star.




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28 de Março de 2012

Recorded as the relationship between Morrissey and Johnny Marr was beginning to splinter, Strangeways, Here We Come is the most carefully considered and elaborately produced album in the group's catalog.


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27 de Março de 2012

MOMUS SAYS: This album is soft, sad and feminine. Although it may seem to reflect Momus's move to Chelsea, his love of the Belgian desperation of Jacques Brel, don't be fooled. This record should be bracketed with all the blue disks made by unhappy rockers' girlfriends: Marianne Faithful, Joni Mitchell, Idha. Girls who, forced to live out the bohemian dream of The Road, can't help showing 'a little lace around the seams'.

la folie du jour

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26 de Março de 2012

I have no idea what the guy who called this album "Un-genius like" is talking about. The music on this album is overflowing with genius, style, and creativity. Before this album no-one had ever used a synthesizer and Linn-Drum Computer to the perfection that Prince did on the tracks "If I Was Your Girlfriend", and "The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker".


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26 de Março de 2012


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