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10 de Janeiro de 2012

Dr Feelgood was at their best playing live, and even though most of these live versions stick close to the originals, they are played with so much energy and nerve, making this one of the very best Dr Feelgood albums.


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09 de Janeiro de 2012

In just six (long) tracks, Station to Station manages to incorporate almost everything fantastic about pop music: it's dramatic, stylish, emotional and danceable. It's not the most celebrated Bowie album – that would be The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars or Low – but it's been my favourite right from the moment I heard it, aged 16.


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07 de Janeiro de 2012


Tuesday, January 31, 20h00 till 1h30

285 Kent. Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Advance Tickets $8.00 at Co-Op 87 Records. (87 Guernsey St.)
$10 at the door day-of.

Blouse - Shadow by subpop

Cosmetics - Soft Skin by morrisday

Witches' Milk by the new lines
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06 de Janeiro de 2012

An album that always gets admiration when played. This album sort of works as a song cycle. There is a unifying beauty to the arrangements and flow from one song to the next. On one road trip this was the only cassette that we had to play, and we played it repeatedly never getting tired.


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05 de Janeiro de 2012

Sheer intensity! One may hear hints of her in a few musicians, but there's only one Patty Smith. She set the standard, yet remains an original.


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04 de Janeiro de 2012

Emmylou was a delightful discovery nearly 30 years ago, and her first album remains a joy. Before she started experimenting with different genres several albums down the road, before age took a toll on her voice and she adapted with grace, producing masterpieces like "Wrecking Ball", there was this pure clean gorgeous voice like no other. And there was a unique sound that hit the ground running here, with a perfect album in which every song was a solid winner.

evermore blues

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03 de Janeiro de 2012

Court and Spark had earned Joni Mitchell mainstream pop acceptance, but its underlying spirit of discovery pushed her to risk new-found success with this edgier, experimental sequel released in 1975. Although the session crew is largely the same, and sleek jazz elements again abound, these songs find her introducing Burundi drums (on "The Jungle Line"), layering magisterial but forbidding vocal harmonies ("Shadows and Light"), and casting rueful shadows across the sun-dazed Southern California of the title song. Her daring promptly earned critical scorn and halted her commercial expansion, but the album's confident eclecticism and dark beauty have outlived that reception: from the safety of hindsight, Hissing was a promise to stay hungry and creatively adventurous, a promise kept then and now. --Sam Sutherland


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02 de Janeiro de 2012

Dot Dash is a post punk pop band from Washington D.C. If this bio had one of those “RIYL/Recommended If You Like” sections, it might drop names like The Jam, Joy Division, or The Byrds… or perhaps it would bring up an apparent appreciation by Dot Dash for the ancient sounds of the Postcard, Whaam and early Creation labels… But those kinds of judgments can really only be made by you, the listener. As is often the case, Dot Dash has a whole “they are ex-members of” thing going on: Guitarist/singer Terry Banks and bassist Hunter Bennett were in punky power poppers Julie Ocean. Before that, Terry was in a bunch of jangly guitar bands, including The Saturday People, Tree Fort Angst, Glo-Worm and St. Christopher. Guitarist Bill Crandall was in the mod/pop band Modest Proposal. Drummer Danny Ingram began musical life in Dischord-label punks Youth Brigade before moving on to Strange Boutique and, later, U.K. guitar-wranglers Swervedriver. Dot Dash plays shows, mostly around D.C., but occasionally out of town, whenever they can. In the recent past they’ve opened for Urge Overkill, The Godfathers, The Trash Can Sinatras, The Chameleons, Hugh Cornwell and The Capstan Shafts.
spark>flame>ember>ash is released by Canadian indie label The Beautiful Music.

Band facebook page

Next Show is Thursday January 5 at The Black Cat in Washington D.C.:

Fantastic return of Terry Banks.


Tragedy Destiny - Dot Dash by thebeautifulmusic
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02 de Janeiro de 2012

THIS IS A CLASSIC ALBUM AND ONE YOU OUGHT TO HEAR AGAIN AND AGAIN. Smooth, polished, perfect -- if David Bowie had emerged from the primordial goo of 60s/70s music to deliver only this single album (as opposed to his Picasso-like eternal rock brilliance) he would still be considered a genius.


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Janeiro 2012
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