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20 de Janeiro de 2012

Elvis Costello kicked off his debut album with a formal device that would also serve his next two long-players well: the first thing you hear is his voice. That opening phrase--"Now that your picture's in the paper..."--was more than sneakily, if not intentionally, appropriate, since Costello was quickly declared the second coming. It's become de rigueur to dis the pub-rock backing of U.S. band Clover, but their work here is satisfactorily edgy; guitarist John McFee makes some of the arrangements with his wailingly articulate fills. The remastered Rhino reissue includes a full second disc of demos and rarities. --Rickey Wright


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19 de Janeiro de 2012

Slightly less primitive than the Ramones' debut, Leave Home is somehow more melodic, poppier, and heavier than its predecessor. "Glad to See You Go" name-drops "the passion" of Charles Manson, while the terrific "Commando" ("First rule is the laws of Germany / Second rule is be nice to mommy") brings to mind a funnier MC5. But "Oh, Oh, I Love Her So" is pure classic pop--metallic bubblegum and their first foray into the Beach Boys-inspired harmonies that would be used to greater effect on Rocket to Russia. The "bruddahs" even do a speeded-up version of "California Sun" to drive the point home. "Pinhead" gave birth to the "Gabba! Gabba! Hey!" rallying cry. This splendid remastered reissue includes the original artwork, superior sound, and excellent liner notes by heavy-metal Ph.D. Dr. Donna Gaines. Also included is the band's August 1976 L.A. debut show at the Roxy Theater. Leave Home is the album that clued in a lot of people that this band was more than a novelty. --Bill Holdship


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18 de Janeiro de 2012

Wire's debut is the smartest record of the '77 punk explosion, a formally seamless suite of 21 songs in 35 minutes, edited to the bone and graced with allusive, thoughtful lyrics, howled by Colin Newman like political slogans. The band's crisp, precise snap gets an awful lot of mileage out of their three-and-a-half chords, and their attack never lets up. The album's minimal structures and snarly guitar sound are still hugely influential ("12XU" has been covered many times, and Elastica's "Connection" is basically a rewrite of "Three Girl Rhumba"), and its sequence is so perfect that the band that opened for Wire on their reunion tour ten years later simply played Pink Flag straight through, including between-song pauses. --Douglas Wolk


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17 de Janeiro de 2012

A classic bit of punk rock from 1977, that classic year of punk. Whereas most of this New York City group's peers turned up the distortion, revved up the tempo, and stripped their songs down to tight three-chord anthems, Television did something startlingly different. Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd allowed themselves the space to develop clean, powerful, unexpected guitar leads. To top it off, Verlaine's songs were thought-provoking, memorable, danceable, and unlike anything else going. "Prove It" was the hit in England, but independent radio stations wore the grooves down on the title cut, "See No Evil," and the stunningly brilliant "Friction." --Percy Keegan


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16 de Janeiro de 2012

It’s a wonderful irony that the two lyricists who most embodied punk’s libertarian role in helping banish the last vestiges of straight-laced Victorian values in the mid-70s were the two who most resembled a Dickensian nightmare. Johnny Rotten and Ian Dury both sought release from a social system designed to keep working class oiks like them in their place, and although one approached the task through head-on confrontation and the other with art school nuance, the message was the same: Think For Yourself.


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15 de Janeiro de 2012

chickfactor will celebrate its 20-year anniversary with five blissful nights of sparkling indie pop on the Northeast Corridor of the USA (three in NY; two in DC) including the first shows in years by Black Tambourine, Small Factory, Pipas, The Aislers Set, A Girl Called Eddy, The Softies, The Lois Plus, The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group and Fan Modine and rare performances from such pop luminaries as Stevie Jackson (Belle & Sebastian), Frankie Rose, Lilys, Lorelei, Dot Dash, Versus, Bridget St John and Honey Bunch.

chickfactor started in 1992 in D.C. and New York by pop-loving maniacs Pam Berry and Gail O’Hara, who used to travel up and down the East Coast seeing Small Factory, Honey Bunch, the Wedding Present and any other fine indie-pop bands of the era. We are spoiled silly and lucky as all get-out to be able to present this super-stellar line-up. Get your ticket fast, do not dilly-dally!

More details here.

There And Back Again Lane - Dot Dash by thebeautifulmusic
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14 de Janeiro de 2012


Por primera vez en España tras 6 años de ausencia. – Del 9 al 15 de Abril

Tenemos el enorme placer de anunciar que THE MONTGOLFIER BROTHERS, el excelente grupo de Manchester, liderados por Mark Tranmer (Gnac) y Roger Quigley (At Swim Two Birds), vuelven a los escenarios españoles tras una larga ausencia de 6 años, para interpretar íntegramente su más brillante álbum, « All My Bad Thoughts »

En breve anunciaremos las diferentes ciudades en las que esta gira hará parada.


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13 de Janeiro de 2012

This 1976 effort contains some of Cooder's most compelling work and finds him reexploring some of the fundamental influences on a musician known for remarkable eclecticism. Most notable are "Always Lift Him Up," "Smack Dab in the Middle," and a beautiful adaptation of "Stand By Me" (which includes Flaco Jimenez on accordion.) The album opens and closes with covers of Leadbelly, namely "The Bourgeois Blues" and (you guessed it) "Goodnight Irene." Also notable is a fine reworking of the traditional number "I Got Mine." --Wayne Pernu

stuck in the past

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12 de Janeiro de 2012

Tutored at a young age by no less than guitar whiz Les Paul and blues legend T-Bone Walker, Steve Miller's life seemed destined to be dominated by music. Still, Miller's evolution from 1960s white-boy Chicago blues journeyman to '70s Top 40 hit machine was meteoric.


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11 de Janeiro de 2012

Ramones is the self-titled debut studio album by the American punk rock band Ramones. It was released on April 23, 1976, through Sire Records.


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Janeiro 2012
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