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22 de Dezembro de 2011

The Weeknd is 21-year-old Toronto resident Abel Tesfaye. House of Balloons is his debut album, distributed freely online, and it’s quite unlike any other RnB collection to have emerged in 2011.


The Weeknd - The Party & The After Party by Teeeefy
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21 de Dezembro de 2011

Like the Strokes, another fast-rising band of pretty-boy New Yorkers, the Drums have successfully answered the challenge of parlaying buzz-generating singles into an album that's well stocked with instantly appealing pop songs.


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20 de Dezembro de 2011

Yet Portamento is richer still when it changes tack. Searching for Heaven’s analogue synth burble is perfect for Pierce’s languid declaration, and If He Likes It Let Him Do It (how Morrissey would kill for that title) grows in stature when a Theremin-toned synth soars through the chorus, sounding closer to the uncanny lush pop of The Associates. I Need a Doctor isn’t far behind, either. Next to them, though, Days and In the Cold resemble throwaways. In other words, here’s to The Drums’ Pet Sounds.

mi cabeza

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19 de Dezembro de 2011

this is the music that was meant to be a counterpart to ‘the end of trying’ recorded over a couple of days by david in his house it’s a late night smokey jazz side to dakota suite. dakota suite.


dakota suite - the hearts of empty - the hearts of empty (karaoke kalk) by pdis_inpartmaint
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17 de Dezembro de 2011

dakota suite - the hearts of empty - the hearts of empty (karaoke kalk) by pdis_inpartmaint

No Agenda (Hammock featuring Steve Kilbey of The Church) by hammockmusic

Raising Tower Blocks by Bad Dancers Collide (Glimpses E.P.) by Beth Carley

Pinemarten - Never Far Away by The Recommender

Destroyer, "Kaputt" by blatanti

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Aurora Boring Alias by Jon Hopkins

Tropic of Cancer - A Color [Blackest Ever Black, 2011] by Blackest Ever Black

Tennis - Marathon by Palma Pinter

Young Dreams - Young Dreams by modularpeople

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16 de Dezembro de 2011

That idyllic tone permeates Days, and in lesser hands could deprive it of tension or variety. But Real Estate have such a knack for classic-sounding melody that every song quickly engages on a musical gut level. It's a quality their music shares with the jangly hooks of early R.E.M., the breeziness of later Pavement, and the garage twang of the Fresh & Onlys. But their closest kin are New Jersey forefathers the Feelies.


Real Estate - It's Real by DominoRecordCo
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15 de Dezembro de 2011

2009 debut full-length album from New Jersey quartet. Real Estate play sun-streaked Psych/Indie Pop reminiscent of The Feelies, Yo La Tengo and other like-minded outfits. Guitarist Matt Mondanile also plays in Ducktails and Predator Vision (Not Not Fun).


Real Estate: Beach Comber by -gaga
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14 de Dezembro de 2011

However, with a little help from some cleaned up instrumentation, crisped production and an impressive pedigree of new contributors (including Animal Collective vocalist Panda Bear, solo multi-instrumentalist Dent May and Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere), the “remixed” version of “Killin’ The Vibe” doesn’t just render the previous version obsolete, but topples the better part of Ducktails’ entire discography.


Ducktails - Killing The Vibe (feat. Dent May) by Forte Distro
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13 de Dezembro de 2011

Categorized by David Keenan as part of the "hypnagogic pop" movement, Ducktails realizes a shared cultural memory and nostalgia through various genres. Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics is Mondanile's third official full-length LP and first for Woodsist Records. 


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12 de Dezembro de 2011

Ducktails is the one-man psychedelic pop project of Matthew Mondanile, guitarist for North Jersey up-and-comers Real Estate and more importantly, a proud son of the mid-1980s.


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Dezembro 2011
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