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21 de Agosto de 2011

"Suedehead" was the debut solo single from Morrissey, released in February 1988.

The single charted higher than any of the singles released by his former band The Smiths, reaching number five in the UK Singles Chart. It charted at #30 in The Netherlands and at #8 in New Zealand. The lead track was featured on Morrissey's debut album Viva Hate and the compilation album Bona Drag; the latter of which also featured the B-side "Hairdresser on Fire". The artwork of the single features a photo taken by Geri Caulfield at a Smiths gig at the London Palladium.

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20 de Agosto de 2011

I heard this first in the back of a car, driving through downtown side streets, watching neon blur in the warm rain, the urban melancholy it invokes. The songs about beaten down boys and waiting at bus stops were the perfect sound track for a mope, and instead of sing-a-long choruses or drag-you-along hooks we got instrumental breaks, with an almost acoustic bass, some minor keyboards, and finally on the last track drums.

amor louco




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20 de Agosto de 2011

Splendid pop reminiscent of Lowlife-era New Order. The chorus will stick in your head for days. "Transparent Day" on the flip is a superb West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band cover and exclusive to this single.

[vimeo w=400&h=219]
The Ropers - "Revolver" from Datamouth on Vimeo.

The Ropers - Transparent Day by Slumberland Records
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19 de Agosto de 2011

Single from the album "Images". La Luna.

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18 de Agosto de 2011

Single from the album "Portrait". Affectionandos.


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17 de Agosto de 2011

And another single from "Take it Easy..."

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16 de Agosto de 2011

Another single from "Take it easy..."

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15 de Agosto de 2011

Single from the album "Take It Easy With The Walker Brothers".


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14 de Agosto de 2011

"Make It Easy On Yourself" is a popular song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David which was first a hit for Jerry Butler in 1962 and has since been a Top 40 single for the Walker Brothers - for whom it was a #1 UK hit - and Dionne Warwick.


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13 de Agosto de 2011

Umiliani was born in Florence, Tuscany. Like many of his Italian colleagues at that time, he composed the scores for many exploitation films in the 1960s and 1970s, covering genres such as spaghetti western, Eurospy, Giallo, and soft sex films.

Although not as widely regarded as, for example, Ennio Morricone or Riz Ortolani, he helped form the style of the typical European 1960s and 1970s jazz influenced film soundtrack, that later experienced a revival in films such as Kill Bill[citation needed], and "Crepuscolo Sul Mare" in Ocean's Twelve.

"Mah Nà Mah Nà" (1968) was originally used for a Mondo documentary about Sweden (Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso), but was popularized by the Muppets, who covered the song several times; starting on episode 0014 of Sesame Street on 27 November 1969, then the Ed Sullivan Show on 30 November 1969, and again on the syndicated The Muppet Show in 1977. The track was also a hit in the UK, reaching #8 in the UK Singles chart in May 1977.

Umiliani died in Rome in February 2001, at the age of 74.

it's coming out of your speaker 


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Agosto 2011
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