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31 de Maio de 2011

Another single from the amazing "Goo".

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30 de Maio de 2011

Fantastic single from the awsome 1990 album "Goo". No brasil.

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29 de Maio de 2011

Single from the 1988 album "Daydream Nation". Rocktown.

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28 de Maio de 2011

Tomorrow, my band The Orange Peels releases a single on Minty Fresh called Aether Tide. It's all about this kind of stuff. Seeing millions of years into the past; thinking about what space is made of; and why we see light the way we do.


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27 de Maio de 2011

Following on the heels of two successful EPs, Crime & the City Solution turned around to record some of their best material for Room of Lights. With violinist Bronwyn Adams added to the camp, the band acted as dynamically jagged counterparts to their peers; the music they now embraced was a rough and ready rock that slotted itself nicely under a gothic canvas -- they were and remain post-punk's forgotten kings.

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26 de Maio de 2011

Waaga Records are becoming specialists in dreampop and Pandit are another name to add to the increasingly impressive roster they have built up. The brainchild of Texan singer/songwriter Lance Smith, ‘Eternity Spin’ is a compelling debut album.
for ex-lovers only

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25 de Maio de 2011

If you enjoy Interpol, you might like bands such as: Bloc Party,The Bravery,The Killers,Joy Division, Gang Of Four, The Pixies( eh, not so much) Keiser Chiefs,Franz Ferdinand, and Kings Of Leon. They are all post-punk bands; with the exception of Kings Of Leon.

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24 de Maio de 2011

Blackest Ever Black made an indelible mark on 2010 with a couplet of stunning releases from Raime. This year they open their leathery wings to shelter Tropic Of Cancer aka Camella Lobo and Juan Mendez (Silent Servant) for a midnight mission away from their spiritual home, Regis' Downwards sect. No doubt, this is their strongest material to date: three passionately gothic odes to the romance of misery. There are clear, strong references to the gothic digital minimalism of Martin Hannet's work on Joy Division, and maybe more apt allusions to the skinny Post Punk of Savage Republic, and Faith/Pornography/Seventeen Seconds era The Cure, but unlike many contemporary guardians of this sound, TOC's misanthropy is articulated with exquisite production values closer to those of Grouper or Broadcast, making their introversion that much more tangible and heart-breakingly glorious.
for ex-lovers only

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23 de Maio de 2011

The first song in this series comes from Baltimore‘s Animal Collective. Their eighth studio albumcame out this past January to some of the best reviews in recent memory. So it’s no surprise that the first single, “My Girls”, has made it’s way into the electro-dance community by way of some killer remixes.

uh oh

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22 de Maio de 2011

Hard to Explain is, without a doubt the best Strokes song ever recorded! Scratch that - the best song ever recorded by ANYBODY!
I love the band, I love both albums, but this song... infectious, catchy, sublime!

no brasil

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Maio 2011
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