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30 de Abril de 2011

New Art Museums video, taken from forthcoming Slumberland 7". Another great song for the portuguese summer.

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29 de Abril de 2011

San Francisco's Terry Malts have been a mysterious presence on the local scene for a while now. Popping up with great regularity on gigs around town, they come, they slay, then they disappear into the dark night. Their tunes are catchy like fishhooks, jumping off from such familiar touchstones as Ramones and Buzzcocks, stopping off with some fine SoCal friends like The Crowd, The Descendents, and Red Cross, somehow arriving at an energetic modern power-pop/punk amalgam not too far from The Exploding Hearts and The Clorox Girls. It's a time-honored pop recipe, leavened by the band's top-notch song-writing and their barely-concealed fondness for 70s and 80s bubblegum.

Slumberland Records

Here's an excellent song for the portuguese summer!

Terry Malts - Distracted by Slumberland Records
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28 de Abril de 2011

"Turn! Turn! Turn!" was the third single by the American folk rock band The Byrds and was released on October 1, 1965 by Columbia Records (see 1965 in music). The song was also included on the band's second album, Turn! Turn! Turn!, which was released on December 6, 1965.

The American Nightmare

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27 de Abril de 2011

The Zombies are an English rock band. Formed in 1961 in St Albans and led by Rod Argent on piano and Colin Blunstone on vocals, the band scored US hits in the mid- and late-1960s with "She's Not There", "Tell Her No", and "Time of the Season". Their 1968 album Odessey and Oracle, comprising twelve songs by the group's principal songwriters, Argent and Chris White, is ranked 80 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
Hello Nasty

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26 de Abril de 2011

Herman's Hermits is an English beat (or pop) band, formed in Manchester in 1963 as Herman & The Hermits. The group's record producer, Mickie Most (who controlled the band's output), emphasized a simple, non-threatening, clean-cut image, although the band originally played R&B numbers. This helped Herman's Hermits become hugely successful in the mid-1960s but dampened the band's songwriting; Noone, Hopwood, Leckenby and Green's songs were relegated to B-sides and album cuts.


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25 de Abril de 2011

The Hollies are an English pop and rock group, formed in Manchester in the early 1960s, though most of the band members are from throughout East Lancashire. Known for their distinctive vocal harmony style, they became one of the leading British groups of the 1960s and 1970s.

Best DJ

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24 de Abril de 2011

The Mascots were a fairly successful Swedish sixties group, issuing around twenty singles and two LPs between 1964 and 1968, and reaching the Swedish Top Ten with five of their 45s. Although they wrote much of their own material, most of their output was extremely imitative of British Invasion pop, and they (like virtually all Swedish acts of the time) were unknown to the English-speaking world. However, if you're on the hunt for lightweight, but sometimes charming, pseudo-Merseybeat, the Mascots made some pretty enjoyable (and some extremely awkward) tracks along those lines. In particular, the ultra-catchy, close-harmony number "Words Enough to Tell You" is a gem of the genre.

Music Station

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24 de Abril de 2011

A new Mouse Grey music video for everyone to check out! A somber piano improv piece that features the amazing Hekar Rivera on the violin. Video courtesy of Flicker Pictures - Chris

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23 de Abril de 2011


Chances are if I could change
I'd do it all the same but differently
I would have asked you early on
just what the chances were, not sat around and wasted half a life time

Understudy to the main man in your life
I'd play my joker, spread a rumour around about his kids and wife
I'd hold no prisoners, just you
And we'd be happy

No contradictions to confuse
Pull the line, I'd smother(?) you
I'd draw forever from your dreams the joints and cans (?)
our future means that much to me
I'd find that job and settle down
I'd turn to drink and slowly drown in secrecy

I'd lock your hopes away and throw away the key
We'd live a good life while away the hours holding our insanity
I'd pour no punches
If you
If you understand me

No contradictions to confuse
I'd pull the line and smother you

Chances are if I could change, I'd do it all the same
Chances are if I could change, I'd do it all the same

This video contains footage from the following documentaries "This Charming Couple - 1950" and "The City - 1939"
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22 de Abril de 2011

The Squires from Bristol, Connecticut were an American garage band in the 1960s.
They released just one single, which failed to be even a regional hit, but which is now regarded as a classic of its era. One critic wrote: "The yearning lyrics and melody, vibrant jangling guitars and brisk propulsive beat all combine to make The Squires' 'Going All the Way' a transcendent rock n roll record. That the song wasn't a huge hit and isn't heard daily on today’s 'oldies' or 'classic rock' radio stations is shameful - but when it comes right down to it, it doesn't matter. The fact that 'Going All the Way' is little more than a secret, known only to a few thousand fanatics, only adds to its greatness. Success can be measured in terms other than units sold, and with "Going All the Way" The Squires succeeded in ways that much wealthier musicians failed."

Faintly Blowing

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Abril 2011
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