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08 de Março de 2011

The dark sounds of The KBV reminding a space somewhere between Joy Division and The Jesus & Mary Chain. Free download at Beko Label with the number 73. Here.

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07 de Março de 2011

Craft Spells are back with their 2nd single. "After The Moment" shows more of their penchant for hooks, sparkling production and whimsical melodies. 


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06 de Março de 2011

Music video is up!!!!!!!! Check out the video for our new single "The Echo In My Mind" and share with your friends! Special thanks to Flicker Pictures for the amazing music video - Chris
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05 de Março de 2011

Bauhaus "Bela Lugosi's Dead"

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04 de Março de 2011

I played this album until it wore out, and this was back in the days when albums were large black flat things that scratched, bent and broke easily. I gave up trying to find it on CD and my sole remaining copy of the tape was rendered impotent by my purchasing a new car without a tape player. More.
c-60 low noise

Beautiful song!

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03 de Março de 2011

Excellent 1985 debut LP from Ireland's Blue In Heaven. Produced by Martin Hannett, All The God's Men is definitely a gloomy ride, but doesn't head for the same level of despair as Hannett's most famous productions...

systems of romance

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02 de Março de 2011

Replicas is easily one of the most unique and exciting pieces of music I own. Due to my prejudice against non-guitar-based rock, I didn't discover Gary Numan's work on my own; a much more open minded friend turned me on to this CD. I was immediately taken with it, for it sounded fresh and new and wholly original. My experience with this type of electronic, keyboard-driven music is very limited; obvious bands like Ministry and Nine Inch Nails were about as far as I went into that field before I discovered Replicas. 
i could die tomorrow

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01 de Março de 2011

This record is a manifestation of a dream that Simon had in Japan of a place called the Penguin Café where a certain kind of unusual music is played. The record is, in effect, a compilation of at least three years' work in various contexts and with different musicians, mostly recorded on Simon's trusty A77 Revox tape recorder 'on location'.

discos, etc 

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Março 2011
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