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22 de Dezembro de 2010

The music is a delight to the ears and soulfully touching. Listening to this, it's hard to not have mental images floating around. I love all the songs. There are few cds I can listen to that I love all the songs but To the Edge of the Earth, Heart Asks Pleasure First, Here to There, and Promise are some of my favorites on this cds. I highly recommend this soundtrack and watching the movie. 
trilha do medo

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21 de Dezembro de 2010

Do yourself a favour. If you are at all interested in the absolute marvel that is expelled from these modern composers' brains then buy this album, listen and listen well. Be sure to get yourself a decent hi-fi set, as mentioned by one other fan. That is extremely important. The overall quality of the music reproduction on this disc is amazing. 
soundtrack central

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20 de Dezembro de 2010

An absolutely superb selection of music. Again and again Kubrick revealed his genius in moviemaking with every detail, including his choice of musical accompaniment. The Handel is bold and poignant in all its variations. The rivetting Schubert Trio in E-flat IS the scene in the movie, and remains the scene on the soundtrack and is played eloquently and flawlessly with that odd droll depth which was sometimes characteristic of the Baroque. 
alternate branle

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19 de Dezembro de 2010

This `99 release sounds like some lost `80's masterpiece of dark atmospherics and sweetly gloomy pop. Wonderful and eerie, experimental and dreamy, trance and organic psychedelia in a mix of male and female vocals. Bringing to mind: Deux Filles, Strawberry Switchblade, Durutti Column, Anna Domino and such contemporary outfits as; Hood, Jessamine, Current 93, Tindersticks, and Lambchop's darkest musings. Piano, not so much, Magic, much indeed. Twilight drawing room's shifting ambience and slowly emerging details, keep this sound/song tapestry consistently captivating. 
music to play in dark

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18 de Dezembro de 2010

Otto Smart, the third Montgolfier Brother, CD on the spanish label Annika.

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17 de Dezembro de 2010

The debut release under this new name, the Addison Brothers EP, featured Vic Godard, and the Bitter Springs enjoyed a long association with Godard, acting as his backing band, the Subway Sect, for nine years, also contributing to studio recordings including Godard's Blackpool album, where Godard and the Bitter Springs provide musical backing to lyrics by Irvine Welsh. The Bitter Springs themselves have released six studio albums, including Benny Hill's Wardrobe, which was "album of the month" in MOJO and rated at 4.5 out of 5 by Melody Maker, the latest being That Sentimental Slush in 2006, described as "an exhilirating, exuberant bomb blast of an album".

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16 de Dezembro de 2010

1. Rio
2. Kuro Tamago
3. Departure Lounge
4. Tachibana Lament

This record includes singing, temple bells, old people wailing, guitars, cicadas, trains, piano, Mark Tranmer and Ian Masters. Recorded on hot days sometime between 2000 and 2002 in Manchester, London and Osaka.  This record is available from The Institute of Spoons using Paypal. Price 5UK Pounds plus shipping. Contact here
Listen to Wing Disk on MySpace

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Rio * wingdisk by gnacmarktranmer
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15 de Dezembro de 2010

'Sevens' is a handy round-up of Mark Tranmer's early singles and compilation appearances under the guise of Gnac. So this is an ideal introduction to Tranmer's quintessentially British sound which evokes bored Sunday afternoons whilst marooned in an early 60's kitchen sink melodrama.

The Broken Fall * gnac by gnacmarktranmer
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14 de Dezembro de 2010

Rebelski himself admitted that he needed to move his sound on for this release and that has led to the inclusion not only of beautiful contributions from the voices of Beats For Beginners’ Mike TV and the Montgolfier Brothers’ Roger Quigley, but also from the emotional strings of Lizzie Hoskin (not to mention appearances by all three Doves along the way).

Rebelski - Little White Lights .mp3
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13 de Dezembro de 2010

Inspired by films such as The Ipcress File, Get Carter, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Funeral In Berlin and The Day Of The Jackal, The Alpha Tapes evokes a cloak and dagger world of treachery and skullduggery with its mix of experimental electronica and cinematic orchestration.
Transfiguration is one man, Dave Sherman, from Manchester, and the album features two vocal contributions from Roger of The Montgolfier Brothers.

Mini Tenor

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Dezembro 2010
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