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31 de Outubro de 2010

David Ronald Beckey Here's a Halloween song for y'all by some group called The Autumn Leaves. 'It was on "The Twilight Hours of The Autumn Leaves" album released in 2002.
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31 de Outubro de 2010

You know it when you hear it, and we’ve all heard it before. That beat, that catchy beat,  “Boom, boom boom, cha!”. In 1963 Phil Spector wrote the song “Be My Baby” for the adorable Ronettes. The song was an instant smash hit and whether they knew it or not, the song would go on to leave an indelible mark on the music industry. Since then artists have been reusing the beat over and over again (just look at The Jesus and Mary Chain on Psychocandy). 
Download at cactus mouth.

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30 de Outubro de 2010

That's the way I remember reacting to this recording when I first heard it, back in 1966 - it's as stunning now as it was then. It's incredible that he was only 19 years old when he made it - the voice, the intelligence and emotion, the songwriting, are all what you would expect from a much older, more seasoned artist.
My generation

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30 de Outubro de 2010

389 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton
London, United Kingdom
Saturday, December 4, 7h30 pm till late

Evans The Death

The Give It Ups

Erin K & Tash

Thee Intolerable Kidd & Friends

Fire Stations
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29 de Outubro de 2010

1- Modern English "After The Snow" 1982. A Lion's Love.

2- Dif Juz "Extractions" 1985. The Commercial Zone.

3- Clan Of Xymox "Medusa" 1985. Fields Of Haze

4- The Wolfgang Press "Standing Up Straight" 1986. Radiação Sonora.

5- Ultra Vivid Scene "Joy 1967-1990" 1990. Música de Acuarelas.

One of my favourite songs of the early 90's
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28 de Outubro de 2010

Classic fizzing punk-pop with smart, witty lyrics from Newcastle’s anarchist indiepoppers. A potent mixture of fizzing pop tunes, punk attitude and protest folk have made Milky Wimpshake one of the UK’s best loved indiepop bands
Take The Pills

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28 de Outubro de 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 21:30 - 3/11 2:00

Cause - Spirits & Soundbar
3001 Lyndale Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN

Sussed! is very excited to have the Fairfield Ramblers performing two cameo sets this Tuesday night. The band includes locals David Beckey, Brian McGuire, Mark Devaraj and Charley Dush. Your resident Sussed! deejays Marc the Guv, Christian Fritz, and Dig Dug will be spinning the tastiest vinyl from deep inside their vaults.

Records spin at 9:30pm. The Fairfield Ramblers play their first set at 10:30pm and another set at 11:30pm. Music until 2am. Videos, drink specials and NO COVER!
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28 de Outubro de 2010

83 Rivington Street, Kingsland Viaduct, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY
London, United Kingdom

Door: 7:30pm
Advance: £7.50 from We Got Tickets / £8.50 Door
Allo Darlin' are many things. They can turn a room in a famous punk venue into a joyous, jumping, sweaty, pop-mosh pit. Or bring a room of 500 to hushed silence with the few strums of a ukulele and a love song about cooking.

Born with a broken heart The Grave Architects have picked themselves up, dusted themselves down and written their way to the top, garnering praise from the NME, plays on Radio Nottingham and a mention on the local council website along the way. Since forming in 2005 The Grave Architects are now seasoned hands at the pulling heart strings out, stretching them once around the funny bone and plucking them to the wet crash of tiny tears.

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28 de Outubro de 2010

MONDAY 15th NOVEMBER, 7:30pm

The Lexington, London N1 9JB, United Kingdom



Big Deal | Myspace Music Videos
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28 de Outubro de 2010

Alessandra Celletti intervistata da Marco Boccitto nel programma di Radio3 "Alza il Volume" presenterà il nuovo lavoro con Mark Tranmer (Gnac) The Red Pages.
Lunedi, 1º Novembre, 14h00-19h30

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Outubro 2010
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