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15 de Setembro de 2010

EXISTIR is the second album recorded by Madredeus, and it is truly a jewel... Released in 1990, it brings many remarkable songs, and the first worldwide success of the group, O PASTOR. This piece, hard to describe or classify in any musical rythm or school, is still one of the most famous songs of the group. Teresa Salgueiro's voice were already marvelous, and the fine harmonies and arrangments, joining instruments like the cello and the classic guitar, the accordion and the keyboards, made Madredeus the outstanding success they are up to now... After all, who can survive emotionless after listening to songs like O POMAR DAS LARANJEIRAS? 
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14 de Setembro de 2010

José Manuel Cerqueira Afonso dos Santos, also known as Zeca Afonso or Zeca (August 2, 1929 – February 23, 1987) was born in Aveiro, Portugal, son of José Nepomuceno Afonso, a judge, and Maria das Dores. Zeca is among the most influential folk and political musicians in Portuguese history. He became an icon among Portuguese left-wing activists due to the role of his music in the resistance against the dictatorial regime of Oliveira Salazar that triumphed in 1974, with the pro-democratic leftist military coup of the Carnation Revolution. In the ensuing revolutionary process, Zeca was a very active musician and continued composing political and folk songs, often criticizing the post-revolutionary changes. Years after his death, Zeca Afonso is still widely listened to, not only in Portugal, but also abroad.
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13 de Setembro de 2010

Amália Rodrigues was born in Lisbon, Portugal July 23rd, 1920 to a poor and numerous family. Since her childhood she showed a talent for singing although she debuted formally in 1939 at 19 years old, becoming a great popular success. During World War II she carried out long tours for Spain and Brazil and she obtained in 1945 her first great musical success with the song "Ai Mouraria". 

Muzica Putz

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12 de Setembro de 2010

The Portuguese guitar is a 12-string instrument with double courses (string pairs) and a small body, similar in tone to the mandolin or Greek bouzouki. Its penetrating sound is championed by Carlos Paredes, (1925-2004) a sensitive, even shy performer who balances tradition and spontaneous invention. His original approach was likened to the freshness of Ornette Coleman by bassist Charlie Haden, who is himself a minor cultural hero in Portugal. ~ Myles Boisen, All Music Guide 
O Melonauta

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01 de Setembro de 2010

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01 de Setembro de 2010

One of my favourite songs ever.
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Setembro 2010
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