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21 de Junho de 2010

Descansa em paz!

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20 de Junho de 2010

Distance serves as an excellent sampler of the music of FSA, bringing together songs that, evidently, were not previously collected in any other form. What is so surprising is how well this collection holds together. Split 50-50 between rock-ish tracks with squalling guitar noise and deep rhythms, and ambient instrumental tracks which evoke images of natural landscapes, alternately calm and turbulent, this is music you can feel coursing through your body. There isn't a dud song among the bunch. Whenever I try to turn friends onto FSA (not always successfully) I start with Distance, and hope they'll explore more of FSA themselves.

The Last Dance

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19 de Junho de 2010

Ride "Vapourtrail" from their 1990 album "Nowhere". I Could Die Tomorrow.

First you look so strong,

Then you fade away.

The sun will blind my eyes,

I love you anyway.

First you form a smile,

I watch you for a while.

You are a vapour trail,

In a deep blue sky.

Tremble with a sigh,

Glitter in your eye.

You seem to come and go,

I never seem to know.

And all my time,

is yours as much as mine.

We never have enough,

Time to show our love.

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18 de Junho de 2010

Slowdive "Alison" from their 1993 album "Souvlaki" and their ep "Outside Your Room". The Collapsaform Libraries or Shoegazer Alive.

listen close and dont be stoned

i'll be here in the morning

cause i'm just floating

while your cigarette still burns

your messed up world will thrill me

alison i'm lost

alison i said we're sinking

there's nothing here but thats okay

outside your room your sisters spinning

but she laughs and tells me shes just fine

i guess shes out there somewhere

and the sailors they strike poses

the covered walls answer slowly

with your talking and your pills

your messed up life still thrills me

alison i'm lost

alison i'll drink your wine

i'll wear your clothes when we're both high

alison i said were sinking

but she laughs and tells me its just fine

i guess shes out there somewhere

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17 de Junho de 2010

Who knows if Dakota Suite will release another record? There’s certainly more than enough room for more of this. Beautiful, tender, damaged and unloved, much like Chris Hooson himself perhaps feels, these are songs on another planet to anything you’d compare them to.

amor louco

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16 de Junho de 2010

This was the first Will Oldham/Palace Brothers album I picked up and it remains my favorite. His later albums are great but tend to have a few amazing songs mixed in with songs that drag a bit. Every song on this album is strong (and short).


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16 de Junho de 2010

"Dou you know the way to San Jose". If you're around San Jose, CA, on saturday, June 26, don't miss The Orange Peels concert at MACLA, 510 South First Street, at 22-23h. Details.

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15 de Junho de 2010

Combining Swans circa Burning World/White Light From the Mouth of Infinity with American Music Club's sense of wounded regret might not be the most immediate combination to suggest itself, but Idaho essentially started off with that combination, and on Year After Year made it work rather well.

L'invitation au suicide


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14 de Junho de 2010

Lambchop is a fusion of styles that both transgresses formal genre boundaries and creates an unsettling disjuncture by pairing in-the-know lyrics with the more conservative sounds and production styles of Nashville.

No Brasil

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13 de Junho de 2010

EVERCLEAR, AMC's finest hour and one the '90s' most powerful albums, is simultaneously lush and searing, heartache and despair borne out in elegant arrangements that combine fragile prettiness and soul-baring howls of pain.

Una patada de burro

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Junho 2010
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