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05 de Maio de 2010

Kings Of Convenience third album and my favourite. Really brilliant!

Holly Fucking Shit

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04 de Maio de 2010

Fantastic Something were a UK based duo made up of two Greek born brothers, who had a hit in the early 80s called "If she doesn't smile". They disappeared after no more than two releases.
Amor Louco

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03 de Maio de 2010

Hot on the heels of the UK release of The Tough Alliance's 2005 album The New School comes another belated UK release from Swedish label Service, this time in the form of The Embassy's 2006 album Tacking. Highly regarded in their homeland, in 2005 their debut album Futile Crimes was voted the third best Swedish album of the 21st century, and their labelmates The Tough Alliance and Studio have named their own labels after Embassy songs ('Sincerely Yours' and 'Information', respectively).

Wharehouse Songs And Stories

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02 de Maio de 2010

"Legal Man" is a single released by Belle & Sebastian on Jeepster Records in 2000. The title track also features Jonny Quinn and Rozanne Suarez of The Maisonettes on congas and vocals, respectively. The cover features band members Stevie Jackson and Isobel Campbell along with Adrienne Payne and Rozanne Suarez.


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01 de Maio de 2010

The Maisonettes "Heartache Avenue" single 1983. Fervox.

I've found a place to live - I got it the hard way.

A permanent address to give - I got it for always.

Nobody can tear me loose

they tell me there's no escape

On Heartache Avenue.

I live alone rent free

there's nothing to pay here.

One thing you need to be if you want to stay here.

So lonely you can't pretend that you're a true resident

On Heartache Avenue.

Leave me alone 'cos I'm here where I belong.

I feel at home on the street where love is gone.

It's a hard luck story of Heartache Avenue.

There's always room to let 'cos nobody goes there.

One thing you need to get a ticket to nowhere:

No money

no credit cards - the price is one broken heart

On Heartache Avenue.

Leave me alone 'cos I'm here where I belong. . ..

On Heartache Avenue

on Heartache Avenue

On Heartache Avenue

on Heartache Avenue.
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Maio 2010
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