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23 de Maio de 2010

"After the German Flute, the oboe surely comes closest to the human voice when handled nicely and in songful fashion, which requires a noble disposition and, most particularly, a total command of the art of singing." (Johann Mattheson, Das neu-eroff-nete Orchestre, Hamburg 1713).

Musikalische Opfer
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22 de Maio de 2010

Trembling Blue Stars "For This One" from their 1996 album "Her Handwriting". Amor Louco.

I got your letter

It put a stop

To my waiting

For you to call me up

I can't go back

I can't return

To the world I knew

To a world that's gone

And you've let me know

I can't have who I want

So where to now

For this one

For this one?

I got your letter

It put paid

To my getting

Carried away

I can't go back

I can't return

To before I fell

To a different world

And you've told me I

Can't have who I fell for

So where to now

For this one

For this one?

I can't go back

I can't return

To when my heart

You did not own

And I can't have

The one who stole

So where to now

For this one

For this one

For this one?
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22 de Maio de 2010

A ansiedade da locutora presente no Rock In Rio despertou a minha atenção. Eram 00h30m da madrugada de Sábado. "Vamos então ouvir uma das mais conhecidas canções de Shakira", anunciou ela com o maior dos entusiasmos. Ergui-me na cama para poder ver e ouvir. Estranho. Não me soou nada familiar. Verifiquei após alguns segundos que afinal a melodia não era minha conhecida. Para agravar a minha ignorância conclui rapidamente que não conhecia nenhuma canção da Shakira, o que me deixou algo perplexo. Como é que eu me considerava um fan da Shakira?
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21 de Maio de 2010

Trembling Blue Stars "Letter Never Sent" from their 1998 "Lips That Taste Of Tears". Amor Louco.

If I knew you didn't miss me,

If I knew you didn't think of me,

If I knew your feelings for me

Were dead and buried,

It would be hard, but not as hard as

This knowing you still care -

It would be easier

Than knowing there's still something there.

I know how you don't need this

But I just can't keep quiet.

You've left me feeling so lost,

Where do I go with it?

I know you have a new life,

I know you're not unhappy,

I know that he's good to you -

But don't you just want things easy?

So go ahead and hate me,

I know I promised I would leave it -

A troublemaker's what you've made me

But can't you see we're worth it?

We just belong together,

I think somewhere inside you know it.

Would you admit it ever?

I just don't think it's complicated.

Life shouldn't be about:

I'm happy, but...

I just think you should chase


For love.

I guess all I'm really saying

Is how I think you're wrong here,

And some things are worth the chaos

That they come along with.

Don't you want more?

Don't you want to burn?

Burn again?

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20 de Maio de 2010

The Golden Dawn were an indie pop/indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland formed in 1986, who were signed to Sarah Records on the strength of a 9-track demo. They had two hits on the UK Indie Chart in 1988 and 1989, with what have been described as "awesomely ragged, feedback-riddled singles". The band were dropped by Sarah Records, when the tracks the band put forward for a third single for the label were rejected.

Victorian Squid

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19 de Maio de 2010

"Disappointed" was the fourth single by the English band Electronic. Like their first single "Getting Away with It" it featured Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys as well as founding members Johnny Marr (ex-The Smiths) and Bernard Sumner (New Order). It was released in June 1992 on Parlophone soon after the demise of Factory Records. The single was even assigned the Factory catalogue number FAC 348, and the logo of the label remained on the artwork.

Singles Free

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18 de Maio de 2010

The Bluebells performed jangly guitar based pop not dissimilar to their Scottish contemporaries Aztec Camera and Orange Juice. They had three Top 40 hit singles in the UK, all written by guitarist and founder member Bobby Bluebell (real name Robert Hodgens) - "I'm Falling", "Cath", and their biggest success "Young at Heart". The latter was co-written with Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama (and originially recorded on Bananarama's album Deep Sea Skiving) and made it to number 8 in the UK Singles Chart on its original release in 1984. The band also released one EP, The Bluebells, and one full-length album, Sisters.

Consolation Prizes

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17 de Maio de 2010

In 1989 The Wake opened their account for Sarah with a well-regarded single, Crush the Flowers (Sarah 21). During the Sarah years the band toured with The Orchids in Germany and France, and with also in France with The Field Mice. 1991 saw a new album, Make it Loud (Sarah 602), followed by another single, Major John (Sarah 48), the latter being Steven Allen's last recordings with the group.


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17 de Maio de 2010

Mark Tranmer new double cd out in the summer: 25 track piano album with alessandra celletti ( the red pages ) + 10 track gnac album of new material + alternative versions & demos of music from the red pages. 46 tracks in all. deluxe gatefold cd digipack. more details soon.

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16 de Maio de 2010

Alice and Friends is full of flaws – indifferently tuned singing, rough production, a pervading aura of nonsense – but these only seem to heighten its charm. A hundred bands might work this jangly, lo-fi territory, with only a few radiating the Box Elders’ disheveled energy. If you’ve been enjoying the lo-fi ’60s pop of the Fresh & Onlys or Ty Segall, here’s another one to check out.

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Maio 2010
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