younger than yesterday
19 de Março de 2010

Members: Caleb Graham and Robert Spear

Influences: the Velvet Underground.
sonic youth.
echo and the bunnymen.
the Field Mice.
joy division.
starflyer 59.
belle and sebastian.

Location: California, USA. Download
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18 de Março de 2010

It's already yesterday, we're off the calendar
I heard the sirens play just like an orchestra
Mechanical bird of prey sing for your emperor
Last broken flash of love still in the camera
We don't feel those locks and chains
We won't listen to the lizard part of our brains
Giving the orders
Another morning we'll be gone
I start the car for Ten Mile Beach
And maybe Avalon, across the water


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17 de Março de 2010

Clear Light was a psychedelic rock band that formed in Los Angeles in 1966. They were very much in the mold of fellow Elektra Records artists Love, Tim Buckley, and especially the Doors. The core members of the group were Bob Seal, lead guitarist and vocals, Robbie "The Werewolf" Robison, rhythm guitar and vocals, Doug Lubahn bass and vocals, Dallas Taylor drums, and Michael Ney, on, most unusually, another set of drums.[1] They soon added Cliff De Young on lead vocals. This is the version of the band seen on their one and only album cover. Download.
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Clear Light - Sand
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16 de Março de 2010

Low is a 1977 album by British musician David Bowie. Widely regarded as one of his most influential releases, Low was the first of the "Berlin Trilogy", a series of collaborations with Brian Eno (though the album was actually recorded mainly in France and only mixed in West Berlin). Download.
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15 de Março de 2010

I have not featured many bands from the Philippines on this site, entirely due to the fact that I have not stumbled across any. I consequently hold little knowledge of their music scene but, from what I have seen and heard recently, it certainly looks promising. Moscow Olympics are one of the groups on the scene that appears poised for international success. Download.

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12 de Março de 2010

This album starts right off with a killer track "House of Glass" with dirty vocals, distorted acid guitar and swirling organ and it keeps on rocking, the songs are varied, some blues, some folk rock ballads and it ends with a remarkable instrumental. The cover shows the three man band in front of a house with "family" members all over the place, a reference to the commune hippie lifestyle of this time. Download.
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11 de Março de 2010

This is a stunning album from the best pop band on Earth today! Take the sounds of the Beach Boys, Beatles, Byrds, and Association, add 21st century sensibility, blend it all together and you have the Wondermints! This is one of the Mint's best CD's, yet it doesn't surpass their CD with Lisa Mychols, "Lost Winter's Dream." Hey Mints, what ya waiting for? How about recording with Lisa again?! Maybe Brian would produce. Keep up the great work! Download.

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10 de Março de 2010

Love Somebody Today is a 1980 album by Sister Sledge. The album which, just like 1979's highly successful We Are Family, was both written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of the band Chic and includes three due to the anti-disco backlash largely overlooked single releases; "Got To Love Somebody" (US Pop #64, R&B #6, December 1979), "Reach Your Peak" (Pop #101, R&B #21, March 1980) and "Let's Go On Vacation" (Pop -, R&B #63). The latter was to be included on the Chic-produced soundtrack album Soup For One in 1982. Download.
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09 de Março de 2010

It's just coincidence
Well, you can talk that way
But I have to say I don't believe in it
It was a chill of chance,
I decided to dance the days away

And I wasn't worried at all
Sneaking through the back door
No, I wasn't worried at all
Dreams are what you live for

Waiting for the light to turn green
Carry me home
To the kindest eyes that I've ever seen
Carry me home
Well, can you tell me how will it be now?
How will it be?
Can you tell me, how will it be now?
How will it be?

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The Chameleons UK - Tears (original version)
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08 de Março de 2010

Ric Ocasek's appreciation of Suicide's talent led him to produce their next album, somewhat confusingly entitled "Alan Vega and Martin Rev - Suicide" (1980) but now more helpfully named "The Second Album". With a big name producer and a session in NYC's famous Power Station Studios, Vega and Rev's sound was almost given a feeling of pop sensibility that is most evident on "Shadazz" and "Sweetheart" but despite being less minimal than it's predecessor the loose rock n roll and crooning was still in evidence particularly on tracks such as "Be-Bop Kid" and the duo were still able to conjure up images of faded glamour and bleak street life in their narratives. Download.

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