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19 de Outubro de 2009

A Gentle Hand To Guide You Along is the sole album by Australian trio of Bart Cummings (The Cats Miaow, Pencil Tin, Hydroplane and The Shapiros), Bianca Lew (The Steinbecks) and Robert Cooper (The Sugargliders, The Earthmen, The Steinbecks) released by US label Bus Stop (responsible for classic releases by Rocketship, The Springfields and Allen Clapp & His Orchestra). Soft, gentle and jangly pop with lovely pop melodies. Download.
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16 de Outubro de 2009

To tell you the absolute truth, I hadn't heard a smidge of press on Salako before I got there album (although they have another full length album, Reinventing Punctuation). One of the only reasons I picked it up in the first place (and this is kind of a silly one) is that I saw it was on the Jeepster label (home of Belle and Sebastian, among others). I figured that if I liked it even half as much as I like B&S' stuff, then I'd be in business. Download here.
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15 de Outubro de 2009

"Good Times" is a 1979 song composed by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers. It was first recorded by their band Chic, for their 1979 album Risqué. In August of that year, it became the band's second number one single on both the Billboard Hot 100 and soul singles chart. [1]. "Good Times" has become one of the most sampled pieces of music in history, most notably in rap and hip-hop music.
The song is ranked #224 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Download here.
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14 de Outubro de 2009

The Weather Prophets were a British indie band formed in London in 1986 after the break-up of The Loft. After two studio albums, the band split up, with singer Peter Astor going on to a solo career. Download here.
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13 de Outubro de 2009

Even before the dissolution of his band Velocity Girl, guitarist Archie Moore set his sights on musical side projects such as Heartworms. On Space Escapade, Moore joined forces with Trisha Roy. The duo collaborated occasionally with Chris Norborg, Chip Porter, and Kevin Moore. This disc was the band's first full-length, and it immediately caused a stir in the independent pop music scene. Download here.
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12 de Outubro de 2009

Pale Saints was formed in 1987 by Ian Masters (bass/vocals), Graeme Naysmith (guitar), and Chris Cooper (drums) in Leeds, England.[1] The group began as a jangly indie pop band, influenced by Primal Scream's early sound. Download here.
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09 de Outubro de 2009

BAND: Jupiter Sun


FORMED: 1992

PREVIOUS LABELS: Phase 45 Records, Parasol Records, Slumberland

MEMBERS:Nate Rockwood – vocals Matt Murdock - vocals, guitarSteve Chang - bassRob Uytingco – drums Ollie Moore – drums (S/T debut, Why Popstar’s Can’t Dance, Atmosphere)
Principle songwriters are Matt Murdock and Steve Chang. Download here.
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07 de Outubro de 2009

The Appletree Theatre was a studio group of American musicians who released the album Playback in 1967.
The project was set up by brothers Terry and John Boylan, with leading jazz session musicians including Larry Coryell and Eric Gale.[1] The album was essentially a loosely-woven concept album, comprising a collage of interlaced vocal narratives, sound effects, song fragments, and quality pop songs such as "Hightower Square" and "I Wonder If Louise Is Home". [2] It was issued on the Verve Forecast label, and was finally reissued on CD in 2007. John Lennon referred to it as one of his favourite albums.[3]
In the wake of the set's commercial failure Terry went solo, releasing three albums as a singer/songwriter, while John reappeared as a member of the short-lived Hamilton Streetcar before turning his attention to production with the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, and others.[4]. Download here.
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06 de Outubro de 2009

Harpers Bizarre was formed out of The Tikis, a band from Santa Cruz, California that had some local successes with Beatlesque songs in the mid 1960s.[1] The Tikis had been signed to Tom Donahue's Autumn Records from 1965 to 1966 and had released two singles on that label.[2] In 1967, record producer Lenny Waronker got a hold of the Simon & Garfunkel song "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)", determined to make it into a single. The Tikis recorded it, with the arrangement featuring extended harmonies reminiscent of the work of Brian Wilson or even the Swingle Singers. The song was released under a new band name, "Harpers Bizarre" (a play on the magazine Harper's Bazaar), so as not to alienate The Tikis' fanbase.[1] The Harpers Bizarre version of the song reached #13 on the American Billboard Hot 100 chart in April 1967,[3] far exceeding any success that The Tikis thus far had. Download here.
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06 de Outubro de 2009

Though marketed as a band, it would be more accurate to say that the name "The Ohio Express" served as a brand name used by Jerry Kasenetz and Jeffrey Katz's Super K Productions to release the music of a number of different musicians and acts. The best known songs of The Ohio Express (including their best scoring single, "Yummy Yummy Yummy") were actually the work of an assemblage of studio musicians working out of New York, including singer/songwriter Joey Levine.
Several other "Ohio Express" hits were the work of other, unrelated musical groups, including The Rare Breed, and an early incarnation of 10cc. In addition, a completely separate touring version of The Ohio Express appeared at all live dates, and recorded some of the band's album tracks.

Download here.

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Outubro 2009
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